September 2nd, 4.30 – 6.30pm


Book launch of ‘Building with Fire’ by Ray Meekerpublished by CEPT University Press

Remarks by eminent ceramics collector Dr. Raj Kubba and architect Anupuma Kundoo.

Followed by the screening of Agni Jata, a film which documents the construction and firing of one of Ray’s first projects in Auroville, India.

The title ‘Building with Fire’ is meant to underline, first and foremost, a technique where the fire is introduced into the construction process, in situ, as ‘cement’ for bonding building elements together permanently and of course to create a water-resistant structure. But ‘building with fire’ is also meant to suggest the passion with which these experiments have been undertaken, the element of risk involved in the process and, just as important, the fire Ray inspires in others. Though he has stopped firing houses, Ray Meeker is still building with fire—still taking an immense risk.