On September 1st & 2nd

An ongoing and quietly robust development of clay as a modern medium of art has been underway for some time in India. Traditional uses of clay, from village potter to architectural material and ritual art is gradually getting recognized and documented. The contemporary art world is beginning to acknowledge the potential and versatility of this material. 

Speakers include

Abhay Sardesai (India)
Rajeev Sethi (India)
Nandita Palchoudhuri (India)
Nancy Adajania (India)
Jacques Kaufman (France/ Switzerland)
Kate Malone (UK)
Naman Ahuja (India)
Tamsin Van Essen (UK)
Ingrid Murphy (UK)
Wendy Gers (France)

As an accompanying event to Breaking Ground 2018, the first Indian Ceramic Triennale, the symposium seeks to set the ground and play a critical role in advancing the discourse and possibilities of the medium. It aims to offer a multisided examination of the dynamic nature of the art of clay in the current context. 

The symposium will consist of three sessions, each session exploring the nuances of the art in a particular perspective through a set of lectures and presentations. Each presenter comes with a deep insight and experience in an aspect of the material, whether it is historic, technological or socio-political.  Every session is moderated by an expert in the field and will conclude with an open discussion period.