The Contemporary Clay Foundation in partnership with the Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur presents the first edition of the Indian Ceramics Triennale, Breaking Ground: International Investigations in Clay.
Civilization, increasingly mediated by digital technology, hurtles towards an intangible virtual future. As traditional certainties fade, the core of post-industrial civilization has eroded. This gap between the escalating pace of virtual technological change and the slower human pace of absorbing change is perhaps at the heart of a renewed contemporary focus on the medium of clay. Informed by the needs and opportunities of our time, contemporary artists are increasingly choosing clay as muse and medium, plumbing its limitless possibilities and pushing beyond traditional conceptual boundaries. Through clay, the most ancient, basic and tactile of art media, artists across the world are bringing an incredible creativity and liveliness to the arts.
Breaking Ground presents projects in ceramics by 45 artists, both international and Indian, exploring new aesthetics, techniques and processes.

Contemporary Clay Foundation | Initiator & Co-Host

The Contemporary Clay Foundation is a not for profit organization set up to promote ceramic arts practices and support practitioners through exhibitions, workshops, international and national exchanges and residencies. The aim of the organization is to build informed audiences for national and international ceramic art through lectures, workshops, and exhibitions as well as to raise the visibility of contemporary ceramics in India. The Indian Ceramics Triennale exemplifies the vision of the Foundation in pursuing creative excellence.
At the core of the Triennale’s first edition will be a group of artists, both international and Indian, whose projects will showcase and encourage alternative, experimental, experiential and site specific uses for ceramics, beyond the confines of the art gallery. Artist projects are aimed to question convention and be expansive in their scope through installation, interaction and technology or performance.

Jawahar Kala Kendra | Venue Partner & Co-Host

Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) is an arts center located in Jaipur designed by one of India’s greatest architects, Charles Correa. Regarded as one of his finest works, the JKK is a masterpiece of architectural beauty and symmetry, providing an inspiring backdrop and framework for Breaking Ground.
Under the dynamic directorship of Pooja Sood, the JKK complex, including its art galleries, library, auditorium were reopened last year after being refurbished with a state-of-the-art facilities.
The JKK has been instrumental in bringing to Jaipur high quality art exhibitions, performing arts and literary programs such as Navras, a week-long performing arts festival; Jaipur Photo, an annual international photography festival Bookaroo, a children’s literature festival; and Thirak, a classical dance festival.


The refurbished galleries of Jawahar Kala Kendra, with its ample open courtyards and spaces present an exceptional and inspiring venue. Designed by India’s celebrated architect Charles Correa, the site affords an opportunity to work in a variety of scales and a unique architectural context.
Jaipur with its geographically central location provides several distinct advantages; it is steeped in Indian history, has a vibrant visual and local culture and a forward-looking attitude to the arts.


Akshara Foundation of Arts and Learning |School Outreach Partner

Akshara Foundation of Arts and Learning (AFAL) works with national and international organizations to embed the arts in learning at schools, in communities and public spaces. Their belief is that art and media play a vital social role, especially in the areas of social development, humanitarian concerns and integration.
The Contemporary Clay Foundation and the Akshara Foundation of Arts and Learning have partnered to promote both learning through the arts, and to bring the ceramic arts in particular to a wider audience.